Interesting websites

Abuja, 12/Mar/2023.

Interesting websites 

I am all for fun websites—entertaining, informative, and super cool. Here are a few I have been enjoying for a while.

The Travle Homepage. Source:


Chances are that you’ve heard of Wordle, the web-based word game created by Josh Wardle. He created it as a word-guessing game for himself and his partner. What a love story! As a geography nerd, I find Worldle to be very interesting. You have six guesses to name a country from a map shown to you correctly. A similar game is Flagle - you guessed right - name the country from the flag. 

This website was created by Neal Agarwal. It is a unique and engaging website offering creative, educational, and entertaining interactive web projects. I stumbled on after the unfortunate OceanGate incident. It was a virtual excursion to remind myself how deep the ocean is (there is a chance I have thalassophobia, a fear of the sea or other large bodies of water. I was lowkey scared as I made this virtual descent). Other fun things on this website include Spend Bill Gates’ Money, Baby Map, Life Stats, etc. 


If you love paper games, then this is for you. This online platform offers a variety of classic paper-and-pencil games that you can play in digital format against other players online or against the computer. Some popular games on the site include Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect Four, and Battleship. Tic-Tac-Toe is one of my favourites because I used to play it with my friend.


I do a lot of research involving constantly looking at trade and economic data. The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) is an excellent website to “visualize, understand, and interact with the latest international trade data.” OEC has Tradle, a visual game that allows users to guess a country from its exports. It’s interesting because you need to factor the size (monetary) of the export, items, and value of the items into your guess. It also shows “the distance, direction and proximity from your guess and the target country.”


Yeah, I know. It’s another geography game. Please don’t judge me. Travle is a word play on the word travel. As the name implies, it involves moving between two points. You name countries between the start and end countries provided. The goal is to travel between these countries in the fewest guesses possible.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have fun using these websites.


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