What is Wole Doing? [WIWD]

  1. Interesting websites

    2024-03-12 19:58:23 UTC
    Abuja, 12/Mar/2023 Interesting websites  I am all for fun websites—entertaining, informative, and super cool. Here are a few I have been enjoying for a while. The Travle Homepage. Source: https://travle.earth/ Worldle Chances are that you’ve heard of Wordle, the web-based word game created by Josh Wardle. He created it as…

  2. 2023: A solid year

    2023-12-31 22:09:54 UTC
    Ayetoro, 31/Dec/2023 2023: A solid year  Solid /ˈsɒlɪd/:  “firm, hard, compact; [Of qualities] “well-established, considerable.” The 2023 sun sets forever. Pretext One thing I learned about myself recently is how I have built internal systems and customs; an example is this annual review. Some years ago, I decided to make…


    2023-12-05 00:51:47 UTC
    Random musings. Ayetoro, 05/12/2023.

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